How do I register for the app and Online Member Services?

If you’re new to Nurses & Midwives Health – or haven’t registered yet – you can do so via the Nurses & Midwives Health app or Online Member Services. Your newly-created password will apply to both.

Please note that accounts have one shared login per membership, which is linked to the primary member’s details (e.g. mobile number, email).

To get started, launch the app or go to Online Member Services and follow Steps 1-3:

1. Membership details

This needs to be the primary member’s information.

  • Select Register
  • Enter Membership number
  • Enter Last name
  • Enter Date of birth
  • Click Next

2. Verification

A verification code will be sent to the primary member's mobile number or email.

  • Select SMS or Email
  • Enter Code
  • Click Next

3. Password

  • Create Password
  • Click Register


Android troubleshooting

Occasionally, members using older versions of Android see a blue or white screen when trying to register.

We regularly update the app to help fix these issues, so it’s always a good idea to check if you’re running the latest version. Here’s how:

  • Go to Google Play
  • Tap the Nurses & Midwives Health app icon
  • (If it’s an option) tap Update to get the latest version.