Private Health Insurance Rebate

Private Health Insurance Rebate

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* Based on an Australian Government Rebate of %, % LHC loading, $ excess for a in .

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For affordable health insurance

The less we have to pay on our health insurance premiums, the better for everyone. And the Private Health Insurance Rebate helps make that happen.

The rebate is the amount the Australian Government contributes to the cost of private health insurance premiums. You can choose to receive the rebate upfront, as a reduction of your premium or at tax time.

It’s income tested – so as your income increases, your rebate percentage decreases (as you’ll see here).

Current income thresholds and rebates

Tier Income for Medicare levy surcharge purposes Age less than 65 Age 65-69 Age 70+
Base tier Singles up to $97,000; Couples/Families up to $194,000 24.608% 28.710% 32.812%
Tier 1 Singles $97,001 - $113,000; Couples/Families $194,001 - $226,000 16.405% 20.507% 24.608%
Tier 2 Singles $113,001 - $151,000; Couples/Families $226,001 - $302,000 8.202% 12.303% 16.405%
Tier 3 Singles more than $151,000; Couples/Families more than $302,000 0% 0% 0%

Note: For single parents and couples with children for MLS purposes, the family income threshold increases by $1,500 for each child after the first. Income, child and dependant have special definitions for MLS purposes. For more information, see the ATO website

You can either have the rebate added as an automatic reduction on your premium amount – or you can take care of it through your annual tax return. Your private health insurance statement will tell you how much of your premium is eligible for the rebate and how much rebate you’ve already received.

Changing your rebate tier

If you'd like to update the rebate you're currently claiming with Nurses & Midwives Health, you can do so by completing this form.