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Your newborn

Babies born without complications aren’t generally admitted to hospital – they’re treated as outpatients. So you may get a bill for a paediatrician checking your baby before you go home, for instance.

Newborns are classified as inpatients if they’re any of the following:

  • Admitted to an approved neonatal intensive care facility 
  • The second or subsequent born in a multiple birth (e.g. twins or triplets) 
  • More than 10 days old and still in hospital.


Adding baby to your cover

If you already have a Family, Couple or Single Parent membership you can add your baby via Online Member Services or over the phone on 1300 344 000. You’ll need to tell us their name, date of birth and sex.

If you do this within 12 months of the birth, they won’t have any waiting periods for hospital treatment (if needed). And adding them won’t affect the cost of your cover!

If you’re currently on a Single membership it needs to be done within two months of the birth. Call us on 1300 344 000 to switch to whichever type of cover is relevant to you.


Follow-up appointments

Before leaving hospital, you should receive information on your postnatal care, scheduled checks for your baby and any other key resources relevant to you.

Obstetricians usually follow up around 6 weeks after you have your baby (this appointment should be included in their fees).


Postnatal support

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