Meet Robynne

Midwife, mother and Nurses & Midwives Health member

Supporting women during the birth experience and beyond

Registered Nurse and Midwife Robynne says being a good midwife is all about supporting the decisions of the woman you’re caring for, being an advocate and helping women navigate their birthing experience.

Robynne particularly loves being part of what she says is one of the most pivotal moments in people’s lives – bringing a new baby into the world.

Now she has three young children herself, Robynne has a different level of empathy for what women might be feeling. She loves sharing her knowledge with new parents to give them more confidence as they embark on life with their new babies.

Trusting Nurses & Midwives Health to look after your family

As Robynne says, Nurses & Midwives Health understands nurses and midwives’ needs and the demands they face, which is why we’re trusted by a growing number of healthcare professionals across Australia. Having private health insurance is important to her, not least because it provided cover for private obstetric care when having her babies. Originally with Teachers Health (her husband is a teacher!), Robynne and her family are now with Nurses & Midwives Health.

Being healthcare experts themselves, our members choose our Hospital cover for greater choice and control over how and when they receive treatment.

And with Extras cover, you get help with things like optical, dental, podiatry and physio for the whole tribe – and potentially even gym memberships!

An understanding of nurses’ and midwives’ needs

We understand nurses and midwives – Our name says it all! We know just how hard you work to care for everyone else, and believe you deserve health insurance that works just as hard to care for you.
Help with having kids – As a private patient with Hospital cover, you can pick your specialist (including an obstetrician if you’re covered for pregnancy and birth), choose where you’re treated and avoid long public hospital wait lists.
Help with raising kids – From toddlers to teens, we help you care for your kids with Extras cover for optical, dental, physio and even psychology. Not to forget things like podiatry and massages for their hard-working parents!
Support for life’s ups and downs – You know better than anyone what expert care can mean, which is why we offer extra support to eligible members for things like health conditions, mental wellness and having a baby.