Meet Andrew

Mental Health Nurse, father and Nurses & Midwives Health member

Connecting in a way that changes lives

For 35 years, Andrew has worked in mental health, where he says it’s a privilege to support people in crisis. Despite the demands, he finds his role incredibly rewarding – including taking the time to really understand what patients are going through and helping them work through the challenges they’re facing.

As someone who has to be constantly switched on to the needs of others – often during their darkest times – it’s no surprise Andrew makes room for peace and quiet in his downtime. He finds balance and joy by doing things like bushwalking, being in nature and spending time with his wife and two young adult daughters.

Cover that’s there for nurses and midwives

Working in mental health means Andrew is acutely aware of the importance of health – both physical and emotional – and having access to the right care when needed. The fact we’re not-for-profit and have a great relationship with nurses isn’t lost on Andrew, who says it’s one of the reasons he chooses Nurses & Midwives Health to look after him and his family. With all leading busy lives, there are many times the family’s health cover has helped them get the treatment they need in order to get back to work or study more quickly.

As people who know the importance of health, our nurses and midwives choose our Hospital cover for more choice and control over how and when they’re treated.

Plus, Extras cover helps them and their families stay in tip top shape with optical, dental, physio and podiatry – and potentially even gym memberships!

Supporting your health and wellbeing

We understand nurses and midwives – We know you spend your days (and nights!) caring for everyone else – both at work and home. So we love that we can help take care of you for a change.
Help with the unexpected – Andrew appreciates first-hand what it’s like to have to go to hospital, so it’s good to know that as a private patient you can choose your own doctor and avoid long public hospital wait lists.
Help with the everyday – As Andrew says, Extras cover can help with health promotion for things like dental health (encouraging those regular check-ups!), not to mention physio, chiro, podiatry and psychology.
Extra support for body and mind – Being in healthcare means you value expert support – like the support we give eligible members for things like health conditions, weight loss and (relevantly!) mental wellness.