Disaster relief assistance

Disaster relief assistance

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Updated 24 October 2022

Member support in times of need

Our thoughts are with everyone who’s been impacted by the latest flooding events. Here you’ll find info on premium relief and mental health resources for the short and longer term.

Premium relief

To help ease financial pressure, we invite Nurses & Midwives Health members who’ve been directly impacted to apply for three months’ free cover. Premium relief is available to members who:

  1. Can show they’ve received an Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment or Disaster Recovery Allowance within the last six months.

    Here are the Services Australia links for the flooding events this year:






  1. Have been a Nurses & Midwives Health member for the previous three months, and are paid up-to-date, when applying.

How do I apply?

Email info@nmhealth.com.au with proof of your Disaster Recovery or Allowance payment and we’ll get onto it.

So we can be sure it’s you, please provide one of the following ensuring your name is clearly visible:

  • Bank statement – showing your payment
  • Services Australia letter confirming your payment has been granted
  • Services Australia SMS – confirming payment and showing your mobile number (so we can check it matches the one we have on your membership).


Mental health support

From the acute stress of a crisis to longer-term recovery, disaster situations can take their toll on the best of us. Here are some support services that may be of help:

Urgent support

If you’re not coping, please reach out to one of the following services as soon as possible:


If you have Extras cover, you may be able to claim for telepsychology* – psychology consults via phone or video. 

Mental Wellness Program

The phone-based Mental Wellness Program is available to eligible members^ with Hospital cover via Teachers Healthcare Services.