Emergency Ambulance

Our Emergency Ambulance cover provides you with 100% cover (up to calendar year limit) for emergency ambulance with state government services*, including air ambulance, to the nearest hospital that can provide you with the care you require.

If you have any level of Hospital or Extras cover with Nurses & Midwives Health you are automatically covered for emergency ambulance transportation.

Please note that benefits are not payable for transportation to a hospital for the routine management of an ongoing condition or transportation between hospitals.

In an emergency situation you will be taken by an ambulance to the nearest accident and emergency department of a public hospital. You have the right to choose to be treated as a public patient at no charge by a doctor appointed by the hospital. If you are taken to an accident and emergency department at a private hospital you will be treated as an out-patient and there will be no benefits available from Nurses & Midwives Health.

A waiting period of one day applies to Emergency Ambulance cover.        

 Emergency Ambulance Cover

Year limit per person

Yearly limit per family
Emergency ambulance transport $6,000 per person $12,000 per family

* Residents of Queensland and Tasmania are covered under their state ambulance scheme.