Luke and Jane's Story

Luke and his partner Jane were on separate health insurance policies and decided it was time to be on a joint policy. Luke was with Nurses & Midwives Health while Jane was with a different insurer. Luke and Jane requested a free, personalised comparison from Nurses & Midwives Health to compare their funds. They discovered the benefits of Nurses & Midwives Mid Hospital 500 with Top Extras products suited their needs best. “Since my mother is a nurse I was eligible to join Nurses & Midwives Health. I knew it was great cover but didn’t realise how much better off I was until we did a comparison with other covers. Jane and I are both 40 now, and while we’re generally healthy, we enjoy the peace of mind of having comprehensive hospital and extras cover. I recently claimed up to $260 for the cost of glasses, and Jane had to have her wisdom teeth removed. We also wanted the option of being able to upgrade our cover as we start planning to have a family in the future.”

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