Hear from nurses and midwives


Anne works as Clinical Midwife in Melbourne and lives with her husband and two children. She chose Nurses & Midwives Health Top Hospital with Top Extras to enjoy greater peace of mind.
“I love being a midwife because I have the opportunity to support families and I’m so pleased that a health fund now exists to support my family and I…" read more


Sophie is a registered nurse looking for her first health fund after coming off her parent’s policy. She’s fit and healthy but wanted cover for dental, acupuncture and chiro. “When I heard from a colleague that Nurses & Midwives Health was coming I couldn’t believe it…" read more

Luke & Jane

Luke and his partner Jane were on separate health insurance policies and decided it was time to be on a joint policy. Luke was with Nurses & Midwives Health while Jane was with a different insurer. Luke and Jane requested a free, personalised comparison from Nurses & Midwives Health to compare their funds. They discovered the benefits of Nurses & Midwives Mid Hospital 500 with Top Extras products suited their needs best. “Since my mother is a nurse I was eligible to join Nurses & Midwives Health..." read more