Member app FAQS

Member app FAQS

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How do I register for the app?

First, register for Online Member Services – all you need is your membership number. Then use your Online Member Services password to register for the app.

Why didn’t I get an SMS code when I tried to register for the app?  

First, check the following: 

  • Membership number
    Did you enter the right number? If you’re unsure, check your membership card. If it was wrong, try again with the correct number.

  • Mobile
    If your membership number was right, check that we have your current mobile number. Log into Online Member Services, then go to My membership > Contact details. If your mobile number’s wrong, update it, wait a few minutes, then try again.
    *If you’ve got the right mobile number on file, it can take up to 15 minutes (depending on your provider) for your code to arrive.

  • Email
    Your registration code should also be sent to your email (if we have your current email address in our system). So if you still haven’t got your code, check that too.  

If none of the above work for you, please call us on 1300 344 000 so we can help you get started. 

Logging in

Can I use Face ID/Touch ID to log in?

Yes! If it’s an option on your device, the app supports both. 

Can I get logins for other people on my membership?

Sorry – no. At the moment, we can only support one login per membership. This is something we’re looking to change in the future.

I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do? 

Use the ‘forgot password’ link to reset it. 

I’ve locked myself out of the app, can I still use Online Member Services?

You sure can – log in now. To unlock the app, call us on 1300 344 000.

Using the app

Can I keep using the old app?

Yes – you can for now. We’ll be in touch with anyone who’s using the old app before it’s taken down later in the year.  

But we recommend you get the new one so you can benefit from improved security and future updates. We’ll be continually optimising the new app to make it easier for you to claim and manage your membership. 

I got the message “looks like the server is taking a break” … Why?

Sorry about that – it’s a problem on our end. We know it’s frustrating. If you get the message again, please try later, or use Online Member Services instead.

My details

Can I update my postal address in the app? 

No. This is a security thing. To update your address, please go to Online Member Services > My membership > Contact details.

Can I update my payment details in the app? 

No. For security reasons, we ask you to do this at Online Member Services > Payments > Contribution details.

Why can’t I see my payment details?

This can happen if you’re membership’s been cancelled or suspended. You should be able to see your information at Online Member Services > Payments > Contribution details.

My cover

Why I can’t I see my level of cover?

There are a few cases where this info isn’t displaying on the app – sorry. We’re working to fix the problem. In the meantime, you can check your cover at Online Member Services My membership > Cover details. 

Why can’t I see my Extras limits?

Has your membership been cancelled or suspended? If so, you won’t be able to see your Extras limits on the app.  

If not, apologies. We know this is happening to a few members, and we’re working hard to get this feature working for you. For now, you can check your cover, and your remaining limits, at Online Member Services

Why am I getting suspension reactivation notifications for everyone who’s suspended on my membership? 

This is to make it clear who can use their cover. Anyone who’s suspended can’t.  

Can I remove suspension notifications?

No. They’ll display until the suspended membership is reactivated. The app shows the status of everyone on a membership so you know can use their cover, and who can’t.


Why do I have to log in to submit a claim?

This is all about security – making sure your information’s safe. 

I’ve been waiting a while for my Extras claim to be paid. How long will it take?

Did you get a confirmation email from us after you submitted your claim? If you did, rest assured that we have it. We’ve had a large number of claims in the last few weeks, so processing times are longer than we (and you) would like.

Sorry for the delay. We’re working hard to speed things up.

In the meantime, you can check the status of your claim at Online Member Services > Claims & benefits > Claims history.

I didn’t get a confirmation email after I submitted my claim. How can I check you’ve received it?

There were 2-3 days when automated emails weren’t generated, but rest assured we were still receiving claims. You can double-check the status of your claim at Online Member Services > Claims & benefits > Claims history.

Why can’t I see an option to claim?

Do you only have Hospital cover? If so, this could be why (see above).  

If you have Extras cover, please call us on 1300 344 000. In the meantime, you claim for Extras through Online Member Services > Claims & benefits > Make a claim.

I tried to submit an Extras claim for someone who used to be on my membership, but couldn’t. Don’t I have two years to submit claims?

That’s right – you have two years from the date of the service or treatment to lodge an Extras claim.

While you can’t claim for people who aren’t on your membership any more through the app, you can do this through Online Member Services > Claims & benefits > Make a claim.